The wonderful features of the beautifully designed epiphone wildkat guitar


A guitar is said to be an extension of its player since it’s the mode of expression that the players use to express themselves. With a semi hollow body, an antique natural color, and a flame maple polished finish the Epiphone wildkat is a beauty to behold and with its ability to rock, you won’t be able to part ways with this guitar any time soon.

It features two beautiful F holes that are elongated just like the other epiphone guitars. The finishing touches on the epiphone wildkat are done to last for a long time. The beauty of this guitar is accentuated by an aesthetic gold hardware.

With 2 alnico V P-90’s pickups, the epiphone widkat is a versatile instrument that can resemble a bear when it growls and also screech like a high flying eagle. It can be used to play a variety of music genres like rock, blues, pop grunge, classic metal and punk music with unlimited ability to switch from one genre to the other swiftly. It has a slim neck that is also made from mahogany which makes accessibility easy and a jumbo fret with a fingerboard that is made from the best rosewood.

Due to the bigsby B70 vibrato tailpiece, the epiphone wildkat is known to have a nice long sustain that is enriched by the use of mahogany for the body. The innovative arch top that is well put together, onto an otherwise solid body guitar, gives it a superb design. It’s lightweight and shape makes it not only one of the most comfortable guitars but also as a good travel guitar.

The strategically located master volume provided helps a player keep the sound clean or crank the volume up to get that desired distortion that is a favorite amongst many. It also has a tone control knob and a bridge volume control that are easy to use and work together to give it versatility in its tone. The workmanship that is put behind the mahogany body and the appearance of the rosewood on the fingerboard give the guitar a solid look that is worth much more than what it’s sold for.

 This masterpiece guitar can only be classified as a high end product with a headstock that is cleverly rigged with six machines for tuning. By using the latest and best known technology, the body of the instrument which is semi hollow makes use of computerized rerouting to bring about a unique and authentic sound.

The pickup installed at the neck helps bring out soft polished sounds that are a little better than the nasty aggressive sound that is brought out by bridge pickups. The epiphone wildkat can be best summarized as an immaculate design that delivers tones that are phenomenon apart from being adorned with well thought out components that bring out a rich authentic sound. It’s very easy to configure even for an amateur guitar player.