The misunderstood music genre- Christian heavy metal music

christian-heavy-metal-musicThere has been a lot of misconceptions about heavy metal music. For a long time, this genre of music has been associated with a lot of negativity especially to adolescents. For individuals who are unfamiliar with metal music, it is common to make this assumption mostly based on the dark taboo themes that have been associated with this music.

With deeper analysis, one can easily discover that the negative aspects associated with heavy metal music, such as noise, sometimes brings forth positive results among heavy metal music fans. Despite the negativity associated with heavy metal music, this music genre is known to help adolescents express their emotions in a positive way.

Christian metal music came into the limelight in 1984 when Stryper Band released their first music album The Yellow and Black Attack. This new development met most people with surprise and different factions of the society reacted differently. Instead of what metal music used to talk about; alcohol, violence, sex and Satanism, metal fans were introduced to a different set of lyrics that talked about Jesus, God and salvation.

This new idea was embraced by some people, while others were not ready for the new changes. Most of the Christians and a sub-section of the metal fanatics were in agreement that metal music and Christianity were totally incompatible. Some churches could not even allow musical instruments associated with heavy metal music such as guitars for metal into their premises.

However, with time, metal music gained popularity among Christian circles thanks to the bold music bands such as the Stryper music band. Christian metal is seen as a fusion between modern Christianity and the heavy metal culture. It has enabled infuse Christianity with the visual, textual and music styles of metal music.

Today, there are several heavy metal music bands across the world. Just like other Christian bands, they spread messages of salvation to those individuals who associate themselves into the negative culture of heavy metal music. Their concerts are usually full, a thing that shows that most people are embracing Christian metal music.

To ensure that they blend with the heavy metal music culture, most Christian metal bands try as much as possible to maintain some aspects of metal music aspects while substituting ungodly things with what is good for Christians. They also use the same instruments as used in the heavy metal music that include guitar for metal, wirelessguitar systems, drum sets, guitar amplifiers, mic pre amps and other modern music instruments.

The main difference between heavy metal music and Christian metal music mostly lies in the lyrics and themes as presented on posters and stage arrangements during concerts. Musicians from both sides present themselves to their fans in almost the same way, with long hair, tight clothes, and earrings that dangle from their ears.

Both Christian and heavy metal music are loud, with screams but the message is what makes them different.  Most of Christians have come to agree to the fact that the best way to reach to heavy metal music fans, is by trying to become like them.