Taking up music and finding the perfect avenue of escape in times of anxiety


Music is one of the earliest forms of art. It has been an expression of people from various cultures across the world. Some of the oldest evidence found in different parts of the world show that people were playing music instruments more than four thousand years ago. Music allows an individual to express what they cannot put into words. It speaks emotions and feelings that are hidden deep in the heart.

I have been an introvert the whole of my life; the kind of a person who is shy and always likes keeping to themselves. During my early years, as a child, things were tough because I literally never fit-in like the other normal children. I was a slave of what other people thought of me. I was really afraid of trying out anything at school or at home because I was afraid of being judged by people.

I could not try out sports as it meant making myself vulnerable to attacks by others kids. Answering questions in class was a possible set up that would see me being laughed at if I gave a wrong answer. Sometimes, I thought myself as an abnormal child.

Things were not easier at home either. My older sister Jane was the rebellious type, sometimes, she would rebel for no reason. She knew my biggest weakness, and as a result, she harassed me a lot. To her, it was fun since she knew that I would never tell mum or dad of her doings. Out of fear of burdening my parents, I decided to keep everything to myself. Pressure was really mounting on me, and I had no way of relieving it. I had no idea how to express myself or my emotions in a positive way to anyone.

With time, the pressure was too much and I felt that I could no longer hold it. It soon started bursting into fits of anger. One day I felt that it was too much and I decided to visit my cousin James during one of the Saturday afternoons. James had enrolled in guitar classes of which he attended morning sessions.

When I got to his house, he was practicing with his acoustic seagull guitar. He was doing some classical songs, and he was really good at it. I had never heard anything like it before. I was totally taken aback. The emotions I felt started channeling though the music he was playing. I felt relieved for a while, it is then I realized that I had found a therapy for my condition.

When I went home later that evening, I had one resolve: to enroll guitar classes and acquire my own guitar. But unfortunately I was still a child, ten years old with no money to buy a guitar. By good luck, my dad had an electrical digital piano that he used to play once in a while. I knew nothing about pianos but I researched thoroughly through the internet to gain basic knowledge. Without any help from anyone,  I began practicing with the piano.

One thing I liked about the electrical digital piano is the privacy it afforded me. I would plug in a jack pin and listen through my headphones as I played. This way, I would practice piano without disturbing anyone in the house. With time, I learnt how to play the piano. From then on, music became part of me. It taught me how to express myself to the world in a positive way. It is in music where I find solace whenever things tend to take unexpected turns.