Symphonies of Europe

music career 1If you want to work as a music producer, disc jockey, or simply music in general, there are a lot of options that are available to you. The good news is there is even degree programs to be found in Europe as well. If you are planning on studying your passion for music abroad, then you may be searching for the right college for you.

You do not have to study music in the U.S alone. There are a number of different degree program options available for disc jockeys as well as music performance artists. Keep reading to learn more about these schools and where to obtain the best of college degrees.

Study Abroad

Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom is a good choice if you are interested in majoring in voice studies. This course is intended for graduates who wish to undertake advanced studies in voice in order to pursue careers as voice professionals, who seek specialized practice and study in voice and speech. Whilst the foundation of the course is rooted in the principles of healthy vocal use, it will not focus on a particular system or regime. The course has been developed with the support of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Voice Department and text based work is at the heart of this course.

The course will concentrate on an approach to working with language developed by Cicely Berry. The course will also offer some opportunities to work with the singing voice as approaches to spoken and sung text are becoming increasingly important for the voice professional. Birmingham School of Acting also has a working relationship with the Voice Clinic of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

Lund University offers a Master’s program in Jazz Improvisation if this is where your passion lies. The Master’s Program in Music – Performance Program, Jazz/Improvisation, aims to educate musicians possessing a high level of artistic and professional ability. On completion of the program, the student must have well-developed knowledge and skills in order to work in a professional capacity in various forms – either as a soloist, a member of an established ensemble, or in freely formed groups.

The student must also have developed his/her ability for independent study. In addition, on completion of the program, the student must have acquired well-developed entrepreneurial skills that increase his/her professional versatility in an ever-changing cultural life.


Regardless of which field of music you would like to work in, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Even if you want to travel abroad to obtain your degree, there are quite a few options available. Taking the time to do the research if you want to become a music producer abroad will help you choose the right school for you.