How To Pick A Miter Saw

How to pick miter saw

Miter saw are the preferred cutting instrument when one is looking for precision to cut though a large chunk. A good miter saw would help you to make repeated and accurate sharp cuts. If you would want to cut through block of wood, it could be the better saw to be used. This saw has a circular blade which rotates over to make the cut. They are encased for safety with only the part of blade is exposed, which is needed to cut things. The switches and others are positioned away from the blade. The blade circles in a direction away from the handler such that the saw dust falls away. There are various miter saws that are available and one needs to understand the criterion which needs to be looked in picking up a good miter saw such as dewalt miter saws. Here we try to list how to pick a miter saw as per your requirements.


A blade is the most important thing to look for while selecting a miter saw as it determines how the cut is made. In general these saw have blades of 6, 8 and 12 inches. There are various types of blades which are used to cut different type of material like wood, steel or aluminum. There are few blades which can be multipurpose blades used on different materials. The number of teeth on a blade is directly proportional to the fine cut the blade makes.


The name of the saw comes from its ability to cut miters i.e. the angular cuts. Different saws allow you to make different miters. Most of them make precision right angle cuts with option to swivel 45 degrees. Most of the miters would be able to swivel on both right and left directions while few can move only in one direction.


A slide helps you to cut material across greater width because of the sliding action. Depending on the size of the things that you need to be cutting, you have a variety of slides to choose from. Base your choice of slide on the size of cut you need to make. IF your work involves more of precision cuts with less width, a smaller slide would do and vice versa. There are few miter saws which do not have a slide and generally have a chopping action. When you are choosing a miter saw with slide, it is recommended to go for a respected brand as there are scopes that alignment could go wrong when the slides are in place and a reputed brand would ensure quality.


A Bevel allows you two make two angular cuts at the same time. Miter saws with bevels are used for cutting wood for furniture or others which requires molding. Ina bevel the saw head makes a rotating action while simultaneously making a tilt. Various saws provide with different bevels. Few of them have double bevel which turns to left and right directions while few have a singular one. Ensure that you chose a standard brand in case you want a bevel in the jitter saw. There is a higher scope of sacrificing precision if the bevel action is not correctly made in the miter saw.

Dust management

Cutting with a miter saw would mean a lot of fine dust being produced. A vacuum cleaner or dust extractor is attached to the miter saw to collect this dust. Few of the latest miter saws ensure that very less of dust is produced but it is mandated by law that an extractor or a vacuum cleaner is attached to it.

Apart from these basic requirements that you need to look while picking a miter saw, there are other features which are present in the latest saws which you would want to look out for.Few of the saws have the functionality of lights which is especially useful while working in the dark. Lasers are provided in saws which flashes laser beams at the points that the cut is going to be made. There are other accessories like extended arms, clamps etc which would come in handy while working on different cuts. Understanding and following these details would help you to know how to pick a miter saw for your necessities.