How music and the guitar has helped me conquer my fear


I was born in a family of three siblings, with two elder brothers. Being the only girl in the family, I was used to keeping up with my brothers who were bullies. My parents were rarely at home during weekdays due to the nature of their work; they were only available on weekends.

As a result, I had to endure the harsh treatment by my brothers. I felt left out since I had no one to play with freely. My mom was the only one I was close to, and whenever she was away, I would lock myself in my room and listen to my favorite country music tracks from my music player or practice with my acoustic guitar. I relied on internet tutorials for my practice.

Whenever my mum was around, I would spend most of my Sunday afternoons, watching my favorite TV channel that was famous for country music. In one of the afternoons, my mom kept me company, and to my surprise, she was also a big fan of country music. We sang along to several songs and also danced to some of them. At some point, I went for my guitar and started playing it. It was one of the best experiences I had ever experienced in a long time besides the one time when we attended a rock-and-roll concert with her in town.

My mom was surprised that I could play the guitar so well despite the fact that I had never attended any guitar classes. Thereafter, she proposed that I should play the guitar the following week during church service. At first, I was afraid as I had never performed in front of a huge crowd before; nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

I had to attend a few practice sessions with the church choir members in the course of that week. I also enrolled for guitar classes of which I attended evening sessions to sharpen my skills.

On Saturday evening, while sitting in the living room after super, I decided to give my family a surprise performance. I just took my acoustic guitar and played one of my favorite country songs. Everyone in the house sang along with me including my brothers who usually bullied me. They showered me with lots of praises. Later that night, I went to sleep feeling happy and very much at peace.

The big day came, the stage was all set, and the church was full. I was nervous but the praises of the previous night were enough to carry me through the performance. I was to perform with an electrical guitar whereas I was accustomed to acoustic guitars. Fortunately, the electric guitar had a wireless guitar system that enabled me to move freely on stage.

The electric guitar felt different in my hands but it produced a more versatile sound that was easy to manipulate than the acoustic guitar. I was mesmerized by the crowd’s applause and singing as they sang along to the song. The fear that was in me was now gone. After that electrifying performance, I have never shied from performing to a huge crowd.