Earning Rebates Galore

Earning Rebates Galore

Ebates is a company that gives cash back if you click through the links of stores listed. The company is an affiliate to many online stores. What’s an affiliate? An affiliate is a person (or company, in this case) that makes a small commission for referring people.

How can you start? When you’re ready, search for a store and click on the store link. This establishes a ‘tracking code’. Once you visit the online store from Ebates, you have 30 days to purchase what you want. Example: Wal-Mart gives Ebates 2% of every referred sale. If Ebates sends a customer to Wal-Mart, and the customer buys a $500 computer, Ebates makes $10 on the sale.

Wal-Mart is paying Ebates to advertise. Ebates takes that $10 (the money Wal-Mart paid them) and gives you half ($5). This results in a 1% cash back rate. It’s a sweet deal! Online stores (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, etc.) win because they get the sale. Ebates wins because they get a commission. You win (as an Ebates user) because you get extra cash for doing next to nothing.

Ebates is an affiliate of over 1,600 online stores. Almost any person with a website can be an affiliate. Here’s an article from Wikipedia with a thorough breakdown of affiliate marketing. If you’re confused, think of it this way: online stores pay Ebates to advertise on Ebates.com and Ebates splits it with you. I’ve done well in the last five years. Most of my accrued cash back came from buying web hosting accounts ($30 cash back from each) and other large purchases for my house (i.e. Apple stuff, desk, etc.).

Send Earnings

Send earnings is a website where you can register to take surveys and read emails and do other things to make money online. A quick send earnings review reveals that this site will pay you $5 to sign up!

Of course there is a catch and I’ll go into that soon, but in essences you can have $5 in your send earnings account the minute you sign up. Money for nothing right? Wrong.

So here’s the catch. In order for you to redeem that $5 bucks, you would to have accumulated $30 worth of earnings. No worries you say, I’ll just get hooked up after I read a few emails, complete a couple surveys and what not. But at $0.20 per email and $0.50 a survey, how long do you think this is going to take you?

Calling Send Earnings a scam may be a bit of a reach. They do give you the opportunity to earn some cash but you will have to be really really dedicated to the job at $0.2 per email read and hours and hours of survey taking at roughly fifty cents per survey.

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