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How To Test Your IQ For Free

There are so many aspects of what makes a business successful. The most important of all, which companies are now looking into, is the emotional intelligence of their employees. This concept is today the basis of numerous industries to advance their people’s proficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace. Studies have shown that this allows for better work relations as well as responding to pressure that jobs demands among employees. For this same reason that a lot of companies take time and invest so much on online EQ surveys to get a better view on how well or not each employee…

Which Are The Best False Eyelashes Available

False eyelashes can enhance the look of the eyes. These lashes can really make the eyes stand out and bring attention to them. Not all false eyelashes are made the same. These are some of the best false eyelashes on the market. They will provide a dramatic look and the best false lashes can be worn during the workday as well as the evening. Icona Lashes in Love Story These fake lashes are high class and they come in a pretty box to show off how luxurious they really are. These lashes are long which will add to the natural lash….

The 5 Best Distortion Pedals You Can Own

Guitar is medicine to the soul, it’s addictive, and when you pick it up it really curates the world. But to add another element to that world is to pick up a distortion pedal that can match the integrity of the guitar. To give it an added kick, more flavor, and a complete sound. There are many out there, but these five are the best distortion pedal that you can add to your repertoire. 5: Wampler PlexTortion At first look, it looks like a distortion pedal for Prince. But it’s not, of course, The Wampler can do quite a bit…

What Is The Best Desktop External Hard Drive Available

In order to choose a good external hard disk, the consumer has to evaluate several factors. First, the hard drive must have a large capacity so as to store more files. Second, one must consider the speed of the hard drive. High RPM speeds ensure that the hard drive works faster and more efficiently. Third, one must determine the actual weight of the hard drive. Its portability, after all, is one of the main advantages of purchasing this device in the first place. Fourth,it must be flexible and it ought to be user friendly. Finally one must consider its purpose….

How To Pick A Miter Saw

Miter saw are the preferred cutting instrument when one is looking for precision to cut though a large chunk. A good miter saw would help you to make repeated and accurate sharp cuts. If you would want to cut through block of wood, it could be the better saw to be used. This saw has a circular blade which rotates over to make the cut. They are encased for safety with only the part of blade is exposed, which is needed to cut things. The switches and others are positioned away from the blade. The blade circles in a direction…


How music and the guitar has helped me conquer my fear

I was born in a family of three siblings, with two elder brothers. Being the only girl in the family, I was used to keeping up with my brothers who were bullies. My parents were rarely at home during weekdays due to the nature of their work; they were only available on weekends. As a result, I had to endure the harsh treatment by my brothers. I felt left out since I had no one to play with freely. My mom was the only one I was close to, and whenever she was away, I would lock myself in my…


The misunderstood music genre- Christian heavy metal music

There has been a lot of misconceptions about heavy metal music. For a long time, this genre of music has been associated with a lot of negativity especially to adolescents. For individuals who are unfamiliar with metal music, it is common to make this assumption mostly based on the dark taboo themes that have been associated with this music. With deeper analysis, one can easily discover that the negative aspects associated with heavy metal music, such as noise, sometimes brings forth positive results among heavy metal music fans. Despite the negativity associated with heavy metal music, this music genre is…


How acoustic guitars have defied change over time

The world is always changing, but there are some aspects in this world that don’t seem to change. Acoustic guitars for instance, seems to defy time. From the earliest days when cowboys roamed the West with their herds of cattle to the current generation of pop music, the acoustic guitar has remained the same. Acoustic guitars have played a central role in music for generations. It is fascinating how an instrument that has maintained its look throughout history can produce such an array of sounds. Acoustic guitars have been played since the days of popular cowboy musicians such as Gene…


The wonderful features of the beautifully designed epiphone wildkat guitar

A guitar is said to be an extension of its player since it’s the mode of expression that the players use to express themselves. With a semi hollow body, an antique natural color, and a flame maple polished finish the Epiphone wildkat is a beauty to behold and with its ability to rock, you won’t be able to part ways with this guitar any time soon. It features two beautiful F holes that are elongated just like the other epiphone guitars. The finishing touches on the epiphone wildkat are done to last for a long time. The beauty of this…


Comparing solid state guitar amplifiers versus tube / valve guitar amplifiers

Use of amplifiers to enhance the sound produced by guitars has been a common practice from the early 1930s when the first guitar amps were developed. Guitar amplifiers were initially intended to produce a sound that was as clear and as audible as possible to crowds of varying sizes. While tube amps which are also known as valve amps are designed to make use of vacuum tubes to effectively amplify the vibrations from the connected electrical guitar, the solid state amplifiers use transistors to get their desired results. Here are some common points of distinction between the solid state amps…

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